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Should I still stay in America or go and live in the Philippines

Should I still stay in America or go and live in the Philippines?
As a filipino, I was born and raised in America. I'm planning to live in the Philippines after I'm done with college cause it's more simple there than here. I don't need a paragraph. I just want some your opinions.
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1 :
and by that you mean you can get laid easier here with finer broads?
2 :
Hey if you are willing to come here after college in the U.S. and work for 200-300pesos for a 12 hour day, (that is less than 6dollars aday) then go for it....
3 :
Since you like Philippines more than USA then choose Philippines.
4 :
Yes do it,because the Philippines is where home is,our family, and the greatness and warmth it truly is a happy place, (well for us filipinos) But first you must find a job,descent one.. you cant always have it easy
5 :
Out of the frying pan into the fire, huh?
6 :
I think that's a decision for you to think and not from random users on the internet, I would however suggest you to visit Philippines and If you like what you are seeing then it's up to you if you will stay or not.
7 :
Usually somebody born and raise here in the United States will refer to it as U.S. and not America. I was born in the Philippines and grew up here in the U.S. the majority of my life. That said; your in for a rude awakening if you really grew up here and then decide to relocate in the Philippines after college. There is so much convenience that you take for granted here that you do not have in the Philippines. Why do you think most Filipinos want to leave the Philippines rather than stay? It is basically a lack of decent jobs to get if you are not related to the right family. Try getting involve with Non Government Organizations like the Peace Corps and have yourself assigned to the Philippines. Or have yourself recruited by one of the larger corporations that has company branches located in the Phil. Their might be even federal jobs that is available here for you that can get you in the Philippines. Unless your family is very well off and can support you to live the Philippines; it would be your best interest to secure a means to live comfortably in the Philippines prior to making that final commitment to reside overseas. Some of the reason why some Filipinos are living a simple and comfortable lifestyle is that they have a loving relative abroad who is supporting them.
8 :
why would you go to the philippines for an education when those who are in the philippines come to America to go to college? If you get a degree in America it is more likely to be accredited globally than if it was a degree earned in the Philippines. Not saying all universities are like that, but it is likely to happen. I was contemplating going to the Philippines for my college education too because of cost, but then I realized my means of transportation would be difficult, I would have to rent a condo in Manila, and on top of all of that tuition might cost me a bit. I chose to stay in America because 1) I get grants that cover all my tuition expenses 2) your way of transportation is more dependable 3) I can understand Tagalog but am not a totally fluent speaker 4) this country has great opportunity and fantastic professors. So I say, stay in the US.
9 :
Why ask such a personal question? We aren't you. If it was me I'd save enough in the States to pay for college and a house in Philippines before moving out. Been to Philippines-I'd live in the province
10 :
Work for 6 months in America, save $5,000, then live in the Pines for 6 months work free. Unless you cant get a job through e-commerce forget it. Im white, but have been In PI for 4 months not working. Even teaching english here does not pay well. The cost of living is cheap so why work and deal with stress. But, if you are a dual citizen you are eligible to work at the US embassy although competitino is fierce, I would but Im not filipino at all. Also, the embassy pays at the same government rate as it does stateside. SO a entry level job pay at least $30,000 annually. Basically you'd be ballin' out.
11 :
The USA is the greatest country in the world despite all of the hardships there now. It is only worth going to the Philippines if you have alot of money or you have a decent retirement paycheck. Even then it is really not worth it. It is just insane to go and live there under any other circumstances.
12 :
If you are independantly wealthy, able to retire in your early 20's, then go for the Philippines early retirementt. If you have to work to earn money to support yourself, you must stay in the USA, because you can not earn enough money in the Philippines, and you are a spoiled american that can not live on one tenth the wages you will earn in the Philippines. The best choice for you would be to have some type of career where you get lots of time off, like a seasonal tourism at summer beach resorts or winter ski resorts, or school teacher, and then earn and save lots of money in the USA, and take long vacations to the Philippines, and have a great time. If you are very successful, and earn lots of money, you can take more frequent, shorter trips, ... lots of very smart and lucky american guys do this. Another great career would be with the airlines, because you get to fly free, have flexible schedules with long periods off work, making frequent trips easy to do and affordable.
13 :
"Simple" is such a vague term. Which aspect(s) of life in the Philippines makes it more simple than life in the US? Generally, I'd say that your decision should be based more on what you plan to do after college as opposed to what seems "easier" right now. Certain opportunities are more prevalent in the US and the difference in the quality of life and cost of living is enormous (depending on which areas we're comparing). Also, if you've lived in America your whole life, I don't see how dropping everything to move halfway around the world could possibly be a "simple" thing to do.
14 :
finish college first, and then ask that question again. who ever told you that living here in the Philippines is simpler than living wherever in America you're from is a big, fat, liar.
15 :
It's a lot simpler to get a job in America. Secure employment before coming.
16 :
You are correct it is "more simple" there in many levels and in many ways. But it might not be the same things you are referring to. But before you go and live there, go visit there during your summer break or winter or sem break, to get a feel first. And try to go not just once and stay longer 2, 3 or 4 weeks at a time. And you did not even mention which part of the Philippines you are planning to stay, what you are taking up in college and if you have family and/or friends there or if you wouldn't need to start to find work or be employed right away to support yourself. There are just so many things to ask yourself before you commit, so go finish school and then go visit over there once in a while during your breaks and then decide later on.
17 :
My friend since you was born (& raised in the US) you are an American not a Filipino! Maybe a Filipino-American but not a Filipino. I suggest that you stay there until you retired & then come here to live that way you will get the best of 2 worlds.
18 :
Yes you should. I agree with 'dark cheetah', "because the Philippines is where home is,our family, and the greatness and warmth it truly is a happy place, (well for us filipinos)" I agree with you too, that its more simple here than there. So do what you want and what will make you happy, just find a decent job and you'll have an awesome life.
19 :
Some lesson in life I learned, you can live a simple life wherever you may be.
20 :
go to mexico, it's pretty much like the philippines. and if you want to return to america, you just gotta cross the border
21 :
So you are still young then if you are just graduating from college. You're right, life is more simple here, I am an American living in the Philippines. You were born and raised in America, so have you ever been to the Philippines? Do you still have relatives there? Just because you have a college degree, doesn't guarantee much in the Philippines. There are plenty of college grads driving jeepneys and tricycle for a living. If you have a good job set up or a steady income, then I say, move to the Philippines, it'd be worth it. If you don't have those things, stay in America until you do. But either way, visit the Philippines before you make a final decision. Please check out my blog to see some sites and see how someone that is use to the US is adjusting to the Philippines. http://texaninthephilippines.com

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