Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to watch SOP and Walang Tulugan shows live in the Philippines

How to watch SOP and Walang Tulugan shows live in the Philippines?
My family wants to watch the Philippines Studio shows live.
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1 :
Tell me how many ( I hope it is not your whole clan), and I can help you through my friends in GMA7. You can email me.
2 :
ang jologs naman!
3 :
Why don't you call GMA7 to find out?
4 :
You can watch SOP live every Sunday you must wake up early and go to "Kamuning Street" (GMA Network Station) by Bus or MRT... then at the kamuning street there's a crowd of people that fall in line... you must fall in line (the early you get to fall in line the more chance you can watch live) but you must wait until 11:30am before the guard allow to enter its count... or you can watch SOP live without fall in line you must have some relative that working on GMA Network Station... your relatives will list your name and your 4 comrade at the guard house (GMA Security Guard House) before the day of the show SOP... then at the day of the show you must come early bring you and your comrade I.D. (school, driver license etc) and show it to the security guard to see and prove if your name is on the list that your relatives has written... after the procedure you will now enter early at the studio 3 were SOP was shooting you will see those celebrity practicing early for event you can take a picture those celebrity after they practice... note: only your relatives who works in GMA can list up to 5 person including you.

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