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What is it like to live in the Philippines

What is it like to live in the Philippines?
What is it like for an American born Filipino to live in the Philippines? I have dual citizenship there but I do not know how to speak Tagalog (english only), and don't know the culture that much. I understand that it would take time to adjust but what is it like to live there if you're an American? Would it be hard to get a job?
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1 :
why not see for yourself... its best to come visit the place and experience it first hand... then you decide...
2 :
I don't think its gonna be that hard when it comes to communicating with Filipinos. Since majority of the people speak English. About getting a job, I guess that is where you'll be having problem at it because a lot of unemployed people here. But if you have a good working experience and qualifications then maybe thats not gonna be a problem. You can try to visit for a while and see for yourself.
3 :
It shouldn't be a problem for you to look for a job, there's a lot of sprawling call centers here in the country who are looking for people who can communicate well especially in english
4 :
If it's not for the low income, it's a very great place to experience yourself. It's both crazy and holy. You will never run out of something to remember. It's really worth a try...for a change. Seriously, you should try it. You would easily get hired because of your ability to speak English---lol----they equate it with intelligence. If you're after good income, forget it :) but if you're after fun, adventures and just being happy, best bet. People are very friendly and funny. About the standard of living and how some government sectors operate, be ready to face some disappointments...some things are inconvenient but you would learn a lot. Lastly, you have to leave old life behind if you want to see what you're looking for!
5 :
As someone born in the Philippines, I say try it for yourself, and I'm sure you'll decide that it's a friendly environment with much to offer. Religiously, Oh hell yea! And, I miss the food so much! Lol, Go ahead and live there for God's Sakes!
6 :
Yes, it will be difficult to get a job. I am an American, married to a Filipina and from experience because of the many Fil/Am familieis I have associated with over a 28 year period, it is not easy to get a job in the Philippines. Some may suggest Call Centers. Perhaps there may be a chance for you to get employment. Just be warned it is not as easy as others may say. Also figure if you do get a job at a Call Center, your wages may be compareable to the locals wages. Think about this and your standard of living expenses. Most expats who work here in the Philippines are working for multi-national companies and were hired outside the Philippines that have transferred the Philippines operations You will receive many diversed opinions. Do yourself a favor and considered the source of your information. Many good people will respond because they sincerily want to help, but have limited experiences. Some times its also important to consider the asker culture too.
7 :
To imigane what it may be like do the following ... 1) turn off your electricity for a day or two ... 3) turn off your water heater permanently 3) get a hotel room in the slums for a couple of weeks
8 :
it really depends on where you live in the philippines,whether it be in the bario or in the city. the tagalog should come naturally but not necessarily quickly. there's always a place in the philippines needing workers.
9 :
Life in the Philippines is nice if you have the money. You can live in a nice area and have domestic help. Regarding the language, English is widely spoken so you will not have a problem....even street vendors speak english. About employment, it depends on your educational background, age, experience, type of job you are looking for and desired salary. If you are not an expat and will have local salary, it will not be high unless you have a managerial position. A lot of filipinos leave their country and their families to find work in other countries where they have better opportunities. but if you have a lot of expertise and have something special to offer, that improves your chances of getting a good paying job. The filipinos are very friendly people. I suggest you visit the country and stay for a while and see for yourself if you like it.
10 :
sometimes its really hard... The economy is still struggling to make this plae a little bit better...
11 :
I am an American born Filipino and I lived in the Phils. for 3 years. It was definitely a culture shock. When I went to the Phils. I didn't know how to speak tagalog, I could understand it though. Be prepared you will have a lot of instances where they are making fun of you (because you can't speak the language, or you try to speak the language or just the way you pronounce things) they will be making fun of you right in front of your face assuming that you can't understand them. I spoke tagalog fluently towards the end of my stay there. I don't use it as often now though. I tried looking for a job there as well. It was very difficult. I ended up finding a job where I was just tutoring people (on how to use various computer applications). I think the one of the problems I had was that although English is considered the second language, employers still want someone to speak english and tagalog fluently to cater to everyone. A lot of the jobs that I applied for weren't paying as much as I would expect. I remember going to SM once and speaking with one of the cashiers and she said she graduated nursing and I asked why she was still working at SM and she said that with the thousands of people graduating every year, a lot of people in the philippines can't find jobs in their fields because they fill up fast. So finding a job in my opinion will be difficult unless you "know someone". The time I spent in the Phils. taught me a lot. If I had to do it all over again, I would. That experience brought me down to earth and keeps me grounded. Good luck. I've made a lot of great friends that I meet up with over here. There were a lot of great memories.
12 :
Well i'm still under age, but all the times i've been in the philippines it was a little hard at first because I only speak English and not Tagalog, so it was a little hard to communicate but not really. Most of them learn English in school so they can talk to you and basically help you out. The culture is basically the same, but i guess it depends on how you grew up.
13 :
Its a shame that your folks haven't atleast taught you more about your heritage. But I commend you for the effort your displaying now. Ok your right about having to adjust. America and the Pines are very different. Though there are cars,tv and Mc Donalds there as I'm sure you know. The culture,the people and the way of life is different. If I could start anywhere Filipinos aren't as selfish compared to americans. I'm sure you'll take offence but its the truth. Filipino's are much more family orientated and will sacrifice alot for the sake of their families. Filipino people think that America is the land of milk and honey and that people who come from there are automatically wealthy. Thats not the case as I'm sure you know but thats what they think. Don't ask me why but its just the way it is. Now since your American you will automatically be treated differently and people will be very friendly to you but from my experience they will to a degree try to get something out of you. Be it money,friendship or other things. You have to understand that the Pines isn't a first world nation. Many parts are quiet poor but also many parts are also quiet well established. Jobs there don't pay much at all. For example working in an office for 10 hours a day will only get you about lets say less than 30 US dollars. I could almost guarantee that you would not be able to find a job there since you at the very least don't speak the language and have little knowledge of filipino ways. I do however suggest that you should visit the country and see for yourself what the place is like. I'm sure that you will find it very interesting and will have a good time. Some of the best times of my life so far have happened while I've been there. I hope the same fortune finds you aswell. Hope that helped.

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