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Where is the best place to live in the Philippines

Where is the best place to live in the Philippines?
I live in the U.S.A. now but want to go live in the Philippines, but don't know what area or city is better. I want to stay away from the big cities like Manila or Cebu, and away from violent areas. Can anyone recommend a city? Please explain why you recommended that certain area. also tell me what areas to stay away from, being an american.
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There are lots of foreigners in Dumaguete, you can get a nice 2 bedroom apartment for a 100us a month. There is a new Robinson's mall, near great dive sites at Apo island and Dauin. The enchanted island is 45 minutes away on the fast ferry. Many choices of great resturants. The town of Valencia is on the side of a mountain about 15 minutes from Dumaguete, great views and the air is cooler. I visited Dumaguete while I was in Cebu, returned to Cebu packed all my things and moved to Dumaguete. There are many colleges and universities located here stocked with many many pretty girls. Visit this site
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I think Laguna is a great place too because theres a lot of springs and resorts there!
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If you want to be away from viloence, dont stay in the cities. Stay in Batanes The north end of the phils, very like paradise. The people are very honest that there are stores without someone watching over it, because the people are kind.
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Manila is the capital of the Philippines but depending of what twn or sub city you selct, there are pretty good neighborhoods Manila places to Avoid: 1. Quezon City - bad traffic 2. Downtown Manila and China Town- traffic, pollution Congestion BUT great place to sho[ 3. Novaliches and marikina - the New orleans version of the Philippine, every year during typhoon season it goes underwater...literally Nice Places in Manila to Live 1. Paranaque - BF Homes, Sunvalley and Merville villages ( they are gated communities) are quiet suburban areas, close to everything homey like schools and local super markets. crime rates are low in these areas too 2. Muntinglupa - Ayala Alabang Village 3. Makati- Bel Air and Salcedo Villages are also gated comminities that are close to the business and posh downtown district. Crime rate is low the only con is the traffic since its it very close to the Corporate centers. Outside metro Manila 1. Tagaytay - depending on what sub area you live in and if you dont mind the drive. You are now in the back country, weather is closest to a san diegan weather during fall at night and summer during the day. Pine trees and great view with affordable house plans
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I would recommend staying in a place where you know fellow americans. If not then your choice of a place to stay would depend on what you want to do. Are you into beaches? Then Bohol or Davao would be a good choice. Davao City has a very low crime rate. Or would you like to leave nearer Manila and feel safe because the US embassy is just a few hours away? Then your best bet would be Laguna which is only 2 hours away from Manila. I think Binan, Santa Rosa, Laguna or even Carmona Cavite would be a good choice, since there is a lot new developments in that area. There are also a lot of foreigners there and it is relatively safe. A word of advise though - it would be best for your peace of mind to leave in a first class gated subdivision with roving guards since the Philippines is a poor country and there will always be natives there who think that your dollars is the answer to their prayers. If you can afford it rent or buy at areas like Manila Southwoods Golf and country club, Canyon Ranch, Ayala Westgrove, Santa Rosa Estates and the LIkes. A lot of americans do. Those are pretty secure and nice areas. Stay away from Mindanao island which has rebels.

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