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If you live in the Philippines, which is a better phone for a teenager, IPhone or Blackberry

If you live in the Philippines, which is a better phone for a teenager, IPhone or Blackberry?
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1 :
iPhone because it has a touch screen and makes you seem more 'sosyal'.
2 :
BlackBerry of course, unlimited internet connection for just 50 for 1 day! Connected thru BIS. And BBM is super fun! :) I looove my BB. :)
3 :
Iphone is better. It gives a different perspective when you use it. No more conventional ways of using phone. At nasa pagdadala mo yan. ^_^
4 :
Doesn't matter. As long as you have a cellphone, then it's already fine.
5 :
I would never live in a crappy country like the Philippines!! The service companies steal your load and the people are idiots
6 :
Jeez! If you use any of them in Philippines,you will put yourself into a lot of danger. Use anything cheaper than those so burglars won't mark $ on your forehead.
7 :
Depends on what you want to compensate with what you lack. For example I choose a Blackberry since it would make me stand out as someone who is always connected, on the go, organized and efficient. The Iphone will get the interest of 'more' teenagers due to its growing popularity, but if you can pull that off with your personality and taste in clothes/culture/music, then it makes owning an iphone a little redundant. It's your call though, just do it for the right reasons. Suggest getting the iphone if you genuinely want to go touch-screen mad, which is cool with anyone. Be aware it'll also be a pickpocket's tease. Good luck.

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