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If I wanted to live in the Philippines, What would I need

If I wanted to live in the Philippines, What would I need? How would I get the required items?
I live in Oklahoma, and I am getting very tired of the typical everyday life here. Don't get me wrong, I Love America. It's just that I am wanting something new in my life. I understand that I'll need a job there and a VISA. Would I have to marry a Philippine lady in order to get a place? How is life there for Americans?(That question was for people who live there.) Is it easier to live semi-luxurious there or America?
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1 :
if you want simple living dont live in Manila, go to small cities like cebu or davao, where life is cheaper, and nature is near.
2 :
you would have to get a visa to live in the philippines and get it approved or extended every year. You can rent condos in Philippines but living away from Manila is best and cheapest. I have a friend living in Palompon Leyte and he only pays 90 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house he rents. He has to pay for electric and propane but that's not that much neither. I think for you it would be best to live in Cebu, because they have the US consulate there. As long as you have income coming in every month you will be good.
3 :
Getting a job here is not easy, especially for foreigners. Unless you have a college degree and an ESL certificate for teaching english. Jobs here are very low paying typically P250 ($5) a DAY for a ten hour day six days a week. Couple that with the fact that you cannot work here on a tourist visa. If you need to work the Philippines is not the place for you. Unemployment for the locals is near 30% or more in some places. Besides the fact why would they hire a foreigner and pay $ wages when a local will work all day for $5 ? The Philippines is a great place for a vacation or for someone that is retired with a steady income stream. Thinking you can just jump on a place, get a working visa and a job here is a pipe dream.
4 :
You would need a $1000 a month after tax's coming in for life. + set up money, once there.$8000. And that is a simple life on a budget. Not allowing for inflation.
5 :
You don't need to marry a Filipina to own a property in the Philippines. You can get a condominium and own not more than 40% of that property. However, you can own more than that when you are married to a natural born Filipina. Many retired Americans are enjoying there stay in the country. They say that they can extend there retirement funds and enjoy their lives better than staying in a retirement institution in the US.
6 :
Work is very difficult to get there. Alot of people are under the impression that work is readily available there or that foreigners would have preference when it comes to employers there but for both most are dead wrong. If you have not been to The Philippines before then let me tell you what the wages are like there. Any sort of job be it labourer,teacher,govt employee etc only get less than 10 USD for a ten hour day! I have no idea what you qualifications are but the only chance you would have in hell of working in the philippines comfortably is getting sponsored by a company based there. That way the visa and all documents related to being employed will be much easier to get. Tourist visa's can be extended to a certain degree but if your goal is to permanently live there then you need to asses your options. Those options could be marrying a Filipina lady but that in itself has some pro's and dare I say it huge potential cons. Mainly because for a white guy they don't realise they also marry the family that comes with the girl. So yes getting back to the point I wouldn't even consider this unless you actively go there and find out what you can and can't do. Location of where you want to base yourself is important but bottom line you need to know what your realistic chances of living/working there are like. I suggest you hit up your local Philippine Consulate and ask more about the visas and work requirements. If you haven't been to the Philippines then actually go there for an extended visit to see if the place really is for you. In any decision you decide to make ensure you are prepared for the outcome as in the Philippines things can be simple but at the same time they can be complicated beyond words. Still the most interesting place on earth I've ever been to though.

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