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I'm a vegan and advocate for animal rights. Unfortuanley, I live in the Philippines. What can I do

I'm a vegan and advocate for animal rights. Unfortuanley, I live in the Philippines. What can I do?
I'm a vegan and advocate for animal rights. Unfortunately, I live in the Philippines, where the community for vegans is almost existent. What can I do to be more active aside from just relying on the internet?
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What are you complaining about? You have a golden opportunity to introduce veganism in your situation!
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I don't really know sweetheart, move to the states. I'm proud of you for being a Vegan!
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LOL! You poor thing! Congratulations on standing firm for something important, even though it's not the popular thing! Growing up learning about the "Civil Rights" movement, I used to wish I could have been alive then so I could make a difference. -Be one of the people in the crowds, marches, and sit-ins standing up for human rights, and equality! I felt "ripped off" that I wasn't around to help bring legal equality to the races in the US. YOU however have an opportunity to increase the awareness of "animal rights" in an area that is blind to the issue! Organizing a march is probably out of the question, but you know those reasons you don't eat meat? The suffering, the lack of neccessity, the abuse? That will still matter to reasonable people. (I'm pretty sure you have some there.) So, following the axiom "Start where you are" What can you do to get people interested in what you have to say, and what the issues are? Join Toastmasters, and TELL THEM! "Animals can SUFFER! Our actions, and the affects of those actions on them matter!" Research materials outlining the issues on, ASPCA, or PETA and mention them in conversation around the cooler, or at lunch. Distribute copies of "Meet Your Meat" to interested people. Raise awareness through fliers, door to door, and editorial submissions, or letters to magazines, and news media. As you meet other like-minded people, you'll be able to attract more. Planning meetings will help come up with new ideas, and work with what you have already started by bringing this to Yahoo Answers. To quote Ghandi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." You already are! :-D Best wishes on your quest!

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