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I live in the Philippines and I want to publish a book but the problem is I want a US based publishing company

I live in the Philippines and I want to publish a book but the problem is I want a US based publishing company?
to publish my book. Is it possible? or should I just let some publishing company in the Philippines to publish my book. If possible, I would really prefer a US based publishing company because the publishing companies here are just no good but i am open to all possibilities so feel free to give your advices thanks in advance
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1 :
i think there are some branches in the philippines of some of the publishing houses... im not really sure...
2 :
Is there a particular reason why you chose the US? Now considering that there are so many publishers already always place in mind that your book is your work and that no one should be telling you what to do with - it should be up to your discretion how it should be published, printed and marketed. It's fun that you get to see your book published with the same expertise and professionalism as the regular books that you see in bookstores. Publishing entirely means that you get to retain full control of your book√Ę€™s production and that it gives you the option to publish your work and claim authority of the photos that you have chosen to be published. Now, perhaps this free information guide will help you get started or just click on the links below. Good luck.
3 :
US publishers deal with authors all over the world. If you seek US publication, there's no reason not to go after it. I'm beta-reading a guy's second novel. (The first was published following changes I and other betas recommended.) He lives in the Philippines and his publisher and literary agent are both in the US. The only hindrance might be that some publishers and literary agents prefer paper mail rather than email, and the back-and-forth by mail from the US to the Philippines could be slow. When you have a book ready to market, limit yourself to those who accept queries via email and you should be fine.

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