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how much does it cost to live in manila, philippines

how much does it cost to live in manila, philippines?
i plan on moving to manila and i need some help on the pricing for everything. the rent, electric, water, heat, cable, high speed internet and etc. also how much you think i may need for other expenses, food, taxi etc. i would like to know the income i will need to maintain for a monthly basis. thanks for the help everyone.
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not that much... but manila is already over populated so i refer cebu lolz
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Like 4 cents a's a muthafuckin HELLHOLE
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If you are budget concious you need only about 500 USD but if you are extravagant you need more than that.
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More than that...more than the other answerers mentioned. $1000 as of today is only 46, 000 pesos. All things, running AC, Cable etc...$1000 would be bare minimum, not much left for entertainment etc. $1200...would be ok..$ live great...have a maid/cook...go out now and then....
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like 1,500 a day?
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Less than it would cost to live in California that's for sure.
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Hi If you are from a Australia and go to the country areas like Cavite which is about 1 hour from manila You can live very well for $1200 per month I lived there for 4 years very cheap a pack of cigs is like 25cents a stubbie beer 40cents Average rent is about $150 per month. Do not catch Taxi very corrupt hir car for day with driver only $20 Dennis
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I live in Pasig City Metro Manila. Im an American married to a Filipina. I have a retirement income of a little over $1500 a month. My rent is 9500 PHP per month, my elec is about 1200 Php a month. I have internet at 1000 Php per month.Water at about 1000 PHP. Cable ? Im hooked up through a neighbor. Don't need heat. Food is up to you, if you cook or not, Taxi I only use every now and again, mostly Trike and Jeepny. I live very well on my income. Hope this helps.

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