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i live in Philippines and want to come to America to live how can i do this

i live in Philippines and want to come to America to live how can i do this?

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1 :
through visa or you can visit the us embassy website for the whole details.
2 :
marry an american !
3 :
Be a nurse & work not just in America but anywhere you want to go like Europe. (--,)
4 :
It takes a long time if you don't have much money. Maybe find a employer in the US to sponcer you. Look at for employers or go to your embassy to get a visa to come here for visit to look.
5 :
Try to get sponsored by a company in the US to get here, You can also fall in love with a person who can petition you. I really want to emphasize that you should be in love first with the person who would petition and marry you.
6 :
There are basically three ways to enter the USA, a: become a spouse of a US citizen, b: obtain employment in the US and gain a work visa, C: be able to invest in opening a new business which will employ at least ten US citizens, for each of these categories there are stringent requirements, first you must be physically capable of taking care of yourself, and secondly financially capable of taking care of yourself. you must have financial assets which mean you will have each year for ten years at least the amount which is equal to 125% of the poverty level for the state you wish to reside in. whilst it is true you can apply for your green card after two years, if you dont have the money its no go, incidentally in the state of texas for instance, the official poverty level amount was $25,000 per anum when i attempted to move there. You will also have several forms of many types to fill in and these of course will be in triplicate, and dont delude yourself to the cost of living being less in america, true you dont pay a lot for cigs and petrol at source but by the time the purchase tax relevant to each state is added it soon rises, i.e you see price on the shelf here thats what you pay, in the US at the till they will add on maybe another 8 or 10 percent. Also bear in mind medical, dental and opthalmic costs, there you not only have to pay for each item on the prescription from the doctor, you also pay for the visit to the doctor and the prescription itself, I myself have epilepsy, in this country my medication is totally free, in the US for one months prescription of one type of tablet alone it would have cost me £ 200. Thats without any emergency services required if i had a seizure, which i had in chicago once, the ambulance was £160, i had 90 minutes of monitoring in the ER that was £600, and 6 stitches which a doctor did in 10 minutes cost £375, so look before you leap into emigration to the US. Most of all remember, the grass is always greener....................til... you get there
7 :
personally, i'm sick of living here in the US. would you like to trade places? we have the same first name already so we can pretend i am you and you are me. but you have to brush up on your corniness, otherwise people might suspect something's up. how about it?
8 :
that would be a very big problem. 1st, american embassy is very strict in giving visa even for a visit. If you want to live in the US you should marry an american citizen. or a nurse - but still depends on your qualification. If your a businessman with a lot of money. it would also do.
9 :
I think the best way is to obtain employment in the US and gain a work visa. Apply for a US job and hope they give an offer. Once you accept the offer, they will sponsor the work visa. First week of April is the visa application period. Results will be in by last quarter of 2007. Once you get the visa stamp, fly to the US to work and live. Goodluck!

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