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If I divorce my Filipino wife and marry my maid who is also a filipina can I live in the Philippines

If I divorce my Filipino wife and marry my maid who is also a filipina can I live in the Philippines?
My wife is in the Philippines at the moment and I have fell in love with our maid and she is pregnant with my baby
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1 :
yes you can live in the Philippines, you need to divorce your wife first then after that marry your maid.
2 :
Dude wtf? uncool. Although this is entirely your choice, its really sickening. But short answer : Yes.
3 :
Well now. How are you going to obtain this divorce? On what grounds? I foresee a number of complications. You could obviously stay in the RP as a tourist, up to a year, with visa probably know that. Now. Your current wife could file a complaint with the DOI asking them to declare you as an undsirable alien..I can promise you this would take time and money to fight. Even if you didn't do anything illegal, adultery is a very serious matter here. It depends of the attitude of your first wife..I think you are going to have problems here or there.
4 :
Troll, but amusing nonetheless
5 :
In Philippines, we call you the Atsay Killer. You are free to go to the country anytime you want.
6 :
WOW!!! Great imagination. the maid becomes your wife, the wife becomes the maid and you all live happily together again?
7 :
Marry the maid, get another maid and send your new wife to the Philippines.
8 :
u can go but the relatives of your wife will hunt you down. trust me i' was once a private security for a person who married a filipina then married his maid. dont go.......
9 :
why divorce and remarry, just change maids every year
10 :
Jak sie masz! My name Borat. I think you need to live in my country Kazakhstan! You can even marry your sister and grandmother! Very nice!
11 :
Yes of course. Just make sure your wife's relatives will not see you in the Philippines.
12 :
.. Guard! Can somebody please call a Security Guard... we need one here... hurry!
13 :
You gotta stop watching those Filipino soap operas, dude. Look where it got you.
14 :
Dude am sooo happy for u!!! Congrats!! u r da MAN!!
15 :
Whether you divorce or not your Filipino wife and marry another Filipino woman is out of the question, you still can live in the Philippines. There are technicalities involved with your case. Your present Filipino wife will not take this sitting down. She will file a protest against your filing a divorce especially if she found out you took another Filipino wife in her place. You do not know the mentality of Filipino woman. If you like a quiet and decent living DO NOT LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES now that you got another agenda of having another wife in exchange with your present wife. Your life would be miserable, your former wife will HUNT you and your new Filipino wife down. You do not believe huh?! Try it see for yourself the out come of your live in the Philippines theory. I suggest you just live with your new Filipino wife somewhere else like Brazil or Peru, Argentina or some Latin American countries but not in the Philippines. If you want to live longer that is.
16 :
i don't think divorce is legal in the philippines. although i've been away for some time, they might have changed some of the constitution, otherwise, divorce is still not considered legal and binding in the philippines - unless of course, if you married your wife in another country where divorce is legal.

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