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What does it take to get from the philippines to the us if you live in the philippines

What does it take to get from the philippines to the us if you live in the philippines?

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A visa and a round trip plane ticket. To see if you can get a visa, go to the US consulate.
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A plane ticket. Depending on your citizenship you may need a visa. I live in the Philippines, but I don't need a visa because i'm a US Citizen.
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Secure Philippine passport then US Visa then purchase a roundtrip plane ticket to US
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Forget it...find some other country, Europe is much better...
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Sad to say Urban Hermit is correct. I'm American and I am embarrassed about how complicated they have made entry to the US. I married a Filipina in 2004 and it took over 2 years and countless expenses to make it possible to bring her to USA. I know several American, British, Aussie who just stay there. Some who have no pension or retirement yet go back and forth every few months. They got families there and everything. Its a lot simpler life in Philippines.
7 :
PRACTICAL STEPS: 1. Go to the US Embassy for general information and options. 2. Visit or call US Embassy offices or the links for requirements to get in the US legally. 3. Submit necessary application forms (choose visa type according to your preference and timeline) to the US Embassy in Manila. 4. Know which STATE specifically in the US are you planning to reside in, or work in, just to cite a few reasons.
8 :
.If you do not have a fiancee' visa,then it will take a miracle. (or maybe you could "grease a few palms".)
9 :
If you are filipino, it takes a very fat bank account, a home in the Philippines, a business, strong family ties, or some or all of the listed. You must prove to US immigration that you will return, which is not easy as hundreds of thousands of filipinos before you have gone to the US on tourist visas and stayed. Over 90% of tourist visas to the US by petitioning filipinos are now denied. Other options may be fiance, spousal, study, or work visa, none if which is easy.

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