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What is the best martial art for street defense? I live in the Philippines and these are the only martial rts

What is the best martial art for street defense? I live in the Philippines and these are the only martial rts:
I live in a city where danger is lurking in the corner. The only martial arts here in my city are the ones available: +Kickboxing (Wushu Sanshu) +Muay Thai (by MILO) +Boxing --> I enrolled for a month a long time ago +Karate-do +Arnis (It's a local martial art that uses two sticks for self-defense) +Taekwondo +Taebo --> I'm not even sure if this really is a martial's more like a dance, really. +Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (But it's too expensive and I can't afford to enroll in that class) +Aikido ---> enrolled for a month 6 months ago +Mindanao Unified Martial Arts; Circular and Linear Techniques (But the place looks and smells crappy) I have a girlfriend and my own life to defend. And I'm not old enough to get a license for a gun yet. I can't even afford a gun. So, what's the best martial art to use (on the above choices) on the streets? With me having no weapons and a thug using a knife or a stick or a rock? P.S. I can only enroll into one Martial art since I can't afford much. And lately here in the City I live in, there is a killer cult and everyone's lives is at risk. There is no Eskrima martial arts where I live. I want a martial art that CAN KILL, not just defend. Running away is good when I'm alone. But what if I have my girlfriend or little sister with me. They can't run fast like me. And I can't leave them.
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Muay Thai and Tae Kwan Do, just don't do the fancy footwork when you do tae kwan do.
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Aikido is a very good art for self defense puls it was formed to be gentle so you can put your attacker down and and you will not have to pay the doctor bill lol
3 :
Buy a gun. Not a Sho-gun, but a real gun.
4 :
dude your pinoy!!! eskrima!!! kali-sticks and arnis!!! datz all u need, pare!!! take lessons from the street guys, those mass-produce dojos don't teach u nuthin, go local, i took it since i was 7...take it...truss me...good luck, pare btw...tae not a martial for insecure women, a joke...don't do is ridiculous...
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Realisticly you should train all of the above (MMA) Since in a street fight you could end up on the ground and if you train Boxing or kick boxing that wouldn't work much........................Because remember this a Street fight there is no rules no referees the attackers is 75% likely to be armed so your best bet would be train cardio so you can RUN Away
6 :
YOU WANT ARNIS. its meant for the phillipines because of all the knife and machete use. trust me, youre gonna want to know how to defend and attack with a blade. its so practical and effective.
7 :
Oooh boy.... where do I start here? OK, first of all, your best defense is *not* getting into a situation where you have to defend yourself. Even in a bad neighborhood, you can avoid most situations before they have a chance to turn ugly. I would recommend that you visit It's mostly for an American/UK audience, but it can be applied to the Phillipines as well. Also check out the rest of that site as well. Second, you had better understand the legal and psychological ramifications of using lethal force on another human being. So here's another link: That being said, I think aikido would be your best option. It is mostly defensive, while the other systems are mostly offensive. Good luck, and stay safe.
8 :
Lol, you ask for the best martial arts for street defense but you want a martial arts that can kill and not just defend? What kinda reasoning is that? Fact is, with the exception of Kali due to its use of blades, most martial arts available in Mindanao don't teach you how to kill, just defend. Have you ever tried killing someone in a real fight with your bare hands? It's not as easy as you think. The closest you can get to a sure thing is the chokeholds from Jujitsu, but that's the last thing you'd want to do in the streets of Mindanao, use both hands on just one guy in a street fight and ignore the rest of his gang standing in the side, not to mention the possibility that he has a knife or a paltik(homemade gun) hidden in his pocket. My advice is do as the other posters have told you, avoid fights and if you have to, run away from one. If you get cornered, pick up a rock or anything that can be used as a weapon and hold him off until you can look for an opportunity to get away. You didn't say what city you live in, but if you live in Davao, then leave the streets to Mayor Duterte and his d3ath squads. Elsewhere, without a gun, you either think smart and keep away from known troublespots or do what most of the youth these days do, get a fraternity or a gang to back you up, that's the only other way to defend youself from steet gangs. Studying martial arts won't guarantee you'll win street fights. But if I have to choose from your list above, I'd pick Boxing, Arnis and Aikido. Boxing teaches you how to take a punch, Arnis teaches you weapons and Aikido teaches you how to avoid a fight.
9 :
Kumsta ka, I f I were you I would Take arnis. The filipino martial arts are battle proven. If not arnis, then I would say muay thai as your next best answer. Arnis should teach you unarmed as well as armed fighting. If you ever get the chance go train in the provinces. Palawan is a good place too. Where do you live , Manila, Quezon, Makati, Cebu ???
10 :
Have you gone to the individual schools in your area? You should base this on not only the use the technique can be to you in a street brawl but also how good the schools and their trainers are. My advice figure out which one fits your criteria best, look at the quality of the classes, the cost, talk to the students already enrolled there and of course speak with the teachers. Tell them your situation and how it makes you feel. Ask them how their style can help keep you safe and how. Ask some questions while you're at it- How long has the school operated? How often are classes, is there free practice available? How long have the instructors been teaching? If the club and their teachers are no good to begin with then how can they help you? Follow your gut, choose a club that's well ventilated, clean, good lighting. Make sure you connect with your instructors and remember you will be training with them for a good long while. Once you know the quality regarding all the options available to you you will be better situated to choose wisely and reap the benefits. Best of luck.
11 :
muay thai is the best with san shou kickboxing
12 :
Arnis is part of Escrima which is part of Kali. That will teach you to deal with weapons armed or unarmed.
13 :
wushu kick bet if you cant fing a MMA school and can only enroll in 1.
14 :
I'm sorry to hear your neighborhood is so dangerous and concerning for you. Truthfully, the best training is a knowledgable, experienced, savvy instructor who can open up your own skills and talents and make you more aware of how to use your faculties to avoid trouble, negotiate out of trouble if you find yourself in it. attract attention when you need help - and in a last resort, defend yourself physically. Rather than trying to select a particular system or style of martial art - go chat with all the instructors close to you and tell them your concerns, you financial limitations, and what you're looking for - and listen to what they have to say. You'll hopefully find the right person to help you if you listen with an open mind. NOTE - it may not always be what you expect to hear that is the right answer :) It's all very well for anyone sitting thousands of miles away from you to recommend any art from their perspective, but if you find yourself training with an inept or disengaged instructor, the most destructive style in world could be absolutely useless to you. The value in training and in the arts is in the student / instructor relationship and what you learn from that. Good luck! Ken C 9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do 8th Dan TaeKwon-Do 7th Dan YongChul-Do
15 :
If those are your options, take arnis or muay thai. But serious, life or death self defense is about awareness of your situation at all times - none of those martial arts will help you with a whole gang in a bad neighborhood.
16 :
The best style for you might be Barkada Mo. Maybe try Tondo Survival Training.

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