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how much do you live on in the philippines

how much do you live on in the philippines?
Not meaning to pry... but to people who already live in the philippines can I ask you how much you or your household earns a month and how you spend this money... and what you get for it I am considering coming over for an extended stay but I am not a rich man and have yet to work out how much money I can get hold of.... I'd be interested in hearing how you live so I can figure out how much I need.
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I have a decent salary which can make me through the whole month. It depends on the person.
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well, I am renting a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house in Negros Oriental, near Dumaguet. Monthly House Rent – 2 bedroom/2 bathroom detached house - 5000 Monthly Food + shopping – eating fresh food. - 7500 Water (tap water) - 300 Mineral Water (delivered to our door) - 300 Electricity – 600 – 1000 Fuel (gasoline) - 800 Monthly Installment on motorbike – 1,500 Monthly Installment on Big TV – 1000 DVD rental (3 new release films per week) – 120 Cable TV bill- 360 Clothes washing bill -1000 Gas (cooking gas for stove) - 200 Visa waiver (2 month visa extension)- 1600 Internet Bill- 1000 Travelling - 700 Dining out – 1500 Total Monthly Expenses in Peso — less than 24,000 Total Monthly Expenses in US Dollar — 475-480
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A PHP 30,000 to 50,000 monthly salary will get you by comfortably. Depending on the timing of your expenses, you can already own a car and fill up your place with furniture and gadgets. This is on the presumption that no funds come from your parents, as opposed to Filipino culture. However, buying a home depending on the location will cost much. If the developer is well-known the price range for their lots is PHP 5,000,000 and above for 200 to 300 sqm. Another 5,000,0000 for building the house. Condominiums can be bought at 1,200,000 to 6,000,000 depending also on the location and the developer. The youngest person I know who has afforded a house and lot without income from other countries and help from her parents is married and is 32 of age. My other peers who are around their 20's have already afforded a lot, but they worked outside the country and garnered PHP 100,000 a month.
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ME & my Filipina wife are doing it on $500 US plus my heart medicine which is $200 the rest of my expenses are about like "dumb Kid". I rent a new 2 bedroom apt & we eat well.I live in the province (country) in a town of 50,000 while Manila or larger town would be a lot higher. Don't even think about owning & driving a car here or working here. To see some everyday life videos go to "" for a place to ask questions try "living in Cebu" I would suggest coming over fro a visit first as it a different place than the US. Personally I don't like the big cities as they are polluted & nasty with a lots of crime. Come on over & welcome.

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