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If my sister who live in the philippines can get a divorce from the US can she remarry again

If my sister who live in the philippines can get a divorce from the US can she remarry again?
She is married to american but he abandoned her after days of marriage. If she get her divorce here in US, can she be able to marry again in the Philippines and use her maiden name again? They got married in the Philippines but I know there is no divorce there, but her husband is american, do you think the divorce from US will honor in the Philippines?
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1 :
i believe so. if she can get her divorce paper yes she can get married again in the Philippines. *** Are there foreign divorces that are recognized under Philippine law? Answer: As a rule, divorce is not recognized in the Philippines as a mode of dissolving marriage. In cases however where a Filipino citizen contracts a marriage with a foreigner, a divorce validly obtained thereafter in a foreign court by the foreigner spouse, i.e. the foreigner spouse initiated the divorce proceedings, such a divorce will be recognized under Philippine law (Article 26, paragraph (2), of the Family Code). The foreign divorce will have the effect of capacitating either the foreigner spouse or the Filipino spouse to remarry under Philippine law. **** YES THEY WILL HONOR IT.
2 :
Yes, of course she can but not in church
3 :
No but she can get remarried again
4 :
check out with a philippine lawyer to know if the marriage was even legal, if the requisites for marriage was made. A divorce may not even be necessary.
5 :
No, there is no such thing as divorce in the Philippines if she got married there then she is outta luck :(
6 :
Yes she can remarry on civil marriage.
7 :
If she is married to an American and lives in the U.S. and she gets her divorce in the U.S. then Yes she can re-marry in the Philippines. She will just have to make sure she has her divorce papers. And the other answer is right she will not be able to get married in the Catholic Church and a Catholic Priest will not perform the wedding outside the church if she is divorced. Under the Philippines law a Pastor (not Catholic) can only marry someone if one of the couples is a member of their denomination. Mayor is Faster, and Cheaper and easier.
8 :
I don't think so but did she have a civil wedding or in church. If in the catholic church she still needs an annulment. 35,000pesos God Bless!
9 :
i think she cannot get married again because there is no divorce in philippines.But your sister can ask some lawyers in the states if it is possible to dissolved there marriage.
10 :
Yeah, hire a lawyer.
11 :
Yes, I believe so. She can use her maiden name even though she is married.
12 :
More data required. Subject lives in the Philippines. What is her nationality? If she's a Philippine national, what's the problem? Why does she need to go to the States and get divorce? It's a waste of money. She can use whatever name she likes. The Philippines is a sovereign state. Unless the guy she married is also a Philippine national. That poses problems. You're asking this question because your orientation is based on US laws, and you're afraid for your sister, whom in your mind is breaking US laws. If the American guy broke up with her, Philippine laws don't give shit. And is he "naghahabol"? (Pursuing her back for anything?) Is he crying for support? I'll bash his head!
13 :
you did not say if your sister is a filipino citizen or not. because if she is, she cannot re-marry considering that she was the one who obtained the divorce. it should be the american husband who divorced her for your sister to be allowed to marry again. if your sister is not a filipino citizen, then she can re-marry in the Philippines provided the divorce had already been decreed with finality.
14 :
If they were married in the Philippines, even if your sister's husband is an American, their marriage is considered legal. Their divorce is not recognized in the Philippines therefore, your sister is still legally married to her husband and as such, cannot remarry in the Philippines. She can use her maiden name if she wants to however, she has to use her married name in all legal papers or documents considering that she is still very much legally married.
15 :
I think she can marry here in the Philippines and considered herself as single as long she can prove herself as a single. Well for futher answer u can consult a lawyer to have a legal advice... Good luck!

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