Friday, September 14, 2012

What is the total pH of a human being

What is the total pH of a human being?
If i take a living human being, put it in a giant blender and blend until the texture is like a hammered-on banana, what would be its pH value?
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i would also say around 7. But ya i hope no1 knows the answer to this question with certainty
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around 7..... maybe no one know the answer correctly...
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If you were to do this, how much liquid would result: Blood = about 5 litres buffered near neutral pH Stomach acid = about 250ml - very acidic, pH = 0.5-1.0 This is HCl strong acid Urine in bladder. = about 1 litre = near neutral pH If you combine these posssible sources of fluid, the stomach acid will have a strong effect and produce a solution where the pH is probably about 2-3 . But this is really an educated(?) guess.

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