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Flourescent lighting

Flourescent lighting?
What i have now- 10 gallon cycled tank Heater (temp at 80 degress) 1 live plant Floating log ammonia is 0 nitrites is 0 lighting on 12hrs for live plant ph is 7.5 filter feed him hikari food pellets I have incandescent lighting though and i have a hood that is for incadescent light bulbs is there any type of flourecent light bulbs that can be put in my hood?
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Fluorescent light for fish tanks is highly preferable to incandescent lighting, because it is much more efficient and therefore both cheaper and cooler to run. A typical flourescent light produces four times as much light (or even better) per watt of power as an incandescent light bulb. For example, a 13-watt flourescent bulb is as bright as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Where this is important for an aquarium is that it produces less than one-fourth as much heat. When I used incandescent bulbs, I had big problems with excess heat in my tanks. Fluorescent bulbs are so much cooler-running that that problem has disappeared, except in applications where the lighting is very intense, like coral reef tanks and the more high-tech planted tanks. A few years ago the answer to your question would have been "no." It was not possible to use fluorescent bulbs in an incandescent fixture. But with the advent of "compact flourescent" bulbs for household use, fluorescent bulbs that will fit in old-fashioned incandescent aquarium lights are pretty widely available. If you can't find one at your local hardware store or pet shop, there are companies that sell them online.
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for that i use the screw in compact light the energy saver light (13 watt) they work great on my shrimp tanks i got live plants in all 4 and thats what i use. or you can buy a retro fit from a lighting store

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