Sunday, October 14, 2012

where do I get pregnacy medicaid

where do I get pregnacy medicaid?
I'm pregnant and I need insurance. So, where do I have to go to get medicaid for pregnancy? I don't know the local office and ph. no. I live in collin county of Texas.
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1 :
The same place where you apply for other assistance programs such as Food stamps, and TANF
2 :
Just google "Collin Couty TX assistance office". It should provide a phone number, call them and see what all you can qualify for. I don't know how TX works but I live in PA and pretty much every pregnancy is covered by Medicaid if you lack insurance but that was all I qualified for in terms of assistance because my husband and I make too much (20,000 a year combined).
3 :
I am pretty sure you go to the Department of Health and Human Services. Just google it to find your local office.
4 :
"Instructions: There are various ways to apply for assistance. You can: -Call 211 to apply over the phone or get help applying. -Go online at: to apply. -Complete and fax this application [go to the website below to print out the application] to: 1-877-447-2839 -Mail application to: P.O. Box 14600 Midland, TX 79711-4600"

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