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How cheap is it to live in the philippines

How cheap is it to live in the philippines?
I get 900 USD per month so would that be middle class or little bit higher
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1 :
that depends on your lifestyle... that may not last a day here or it may last for 2 months...
2 :
Higher than middle class. We own land & a home in the Philippines and will retire there in a few years. It's on a small island. Like anywhere, different areas have a higher cost of living. The major cities cost more, naturally, but are still very affordable.
3 :
With 900 hundred a month, I guess you can live among the middle-class families in mid class housing units or a condo somewhere in Manila (depending on locations). The rent to own condo units are around 10,000 to 15,000 (monthly) pesos, that is a 2-3 bedroom house (depending on location). Househelp can be 2,000/month, food around 5,000 month. Actually it depends on how you live your life here. The 900 USD is only around 38,000 here. So, you will spend around 25,000 monthly. You will spend 600 o 700 dollars a month, You still have 300USD barely 8,000 pesos to splurge on modest shopping, nightlife and some local tours. I guess around 1,500 USD will be comfortable. Philippines is actually safe to live. If you embrace the Philippines surely it will embrace you.
4 :
At the moment, $US1=42 Pesos. So $900 x 42 Pesos = 37,800 pesos. Minus taxes, other payables, you're still worth at least 30,000 pesos a month. I'd say you're very rich here. Trust me, if you're earning 38,000 pesos, that's very BIG here. If in America 900 dollars is small, here it's incredibly BIG! You're very rich, earning 38,000 pesos. You'd have to be working for a very big company like San Miguel & be in UPPER MANAGEMENT LEVEL to achieve this salary. Your $900/month is enough to sustain you forever in the Philippines. Provided of course you spend your money wisely. If you've got a house & car already, that's not a problem. BUT BEWARE. The Philippine Government is a TAX PREDATOR, shows no mercy for individuals, i.e, singles or divorced. Your salary could dwindle so much it'd be almost very hard to live here, what with everything going up. Get a wife or husband, have kids, & they'll give you a break. They'll give you a leaner tax deduction. Although I can't confirm this since this policy is really for low income families. You're earning 38,000 pesos a month! The more you earn, the more the govt. will deduct from you. Still, $900/month, impressive. Good luck living here!
5 :
It depends on the dollar exchange rate. At the present exchange rate, you may have 40,000pesos/month. If you spend wisely, you can live a comfortable life here. And yes, you can consider yourself in the middle-class.
6 :
If your lifestyle is just simple, your $900 is big enough for you to save at least 2/3 of your budget per month. Hope you will find the safest place here. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a nice day and GOD BLESS!
7 :
it's alittle bit higher than middle class...usually, middle class people only earn half of you income per month. cost of living here in the Philippines is very affordable. it just depends on how you budget your income.
8 :
A govt nurse makes P12000 per month. A govt doctor makes about P24000 per month. That's a question only you can answer. You can live quite nicely on this if you choose. It's certainly more than many FIlipino's make. http://www.livinginthephilippines.com has a nice section on costs in the PI by location. While there my income was about $3000 a month and I spent every dime. But I really went out and bought a lot. Everyday I went out and traveled far and wide. I didn't live like a king, but I certainly was busy. You can't expect to live like a king on $900 but you have live a lot better in PI than in any US state on that income. You probably can't live in Metro Manila on that either. I would recommend Cebu, or Angeles, or Baguio, or maybe Subic or Cavite, or even Tagaytay. Cebu is a separte island, clean, more laid back than Manila, and cheaper. Baguio is up in the mountains, with pine trees, and cooler summers. Angeles has a huge american population and many resources for those on govt checks, and military pensions. Many services like banks and hospitals work very well with foreigners there. Many arts and craftsman, and sadly known for its bars. Subic is a smaller version of Angeles but has a different feel and a smaller/newer foreign community. Cavite is near the Airport and the new malls and hospitals, and I don't know this area so well if you can afford this, but south of it is Tagaytay and this is very colonial, and small townish. Very different than the other cities. Best to take a short tour to get to know the place first unless you have a friend to help you. The key that will keep you happy is to learn from other foreigners what they pay for their livign expenses and maid, etc, and not to over pay. If you pay the right amount everyone will like you, but too much and you will be very sad. One final issue is your check or wire transfer. You need to consider where you will bank as not all banks are equal. In Angeles banks are better for govt payments from what I saw.
9 :
That is middle class, in fact even lower-middle as we describe this segment in marketing. 900$ is P38,000. Rent in a lower-middle level subdivision in a Metro Manila suburb, like the Camella Homes, would be P10,000 for a 2-bedroom house. Or that would be the rent for a one-bedroom condo in a low-end Makati condo like Cityland. The balance should pay for your utilities, food, transpo. You will not have enough savings for emergencies like hospitalization, etc. You will not be able to splurge on clothes and shoes. To put that monthly amount in context, that is lower than what an executive secretary in an advertising agency earns. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I thought you needed to know the truth.

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