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Flight leave in the morning! PLZ HELP! If a us citizen flys to Philppines w/o green card can they get back

Flight leave in the morning! PLZ HELP! If a us citizen flys to Philppines w/o green card can they get back?
My aunt flew to tampa from las vegas today to be with us; my mom. My mom is ready to fly to the philippines, but my aunt forgot her GREEN card. They both used to live in PH 20 yrs ago. Everything is set for my aunt to go to philppines but she can't get back into the U.S. without a green card. WHAT DOES SHE DO??? Go to immagration and they can figure out a way to get her back into the U.S. ?? What are the steps they need to take. Any website would help very much too. THANK YOU I heard my parents talk about taking care of it when they get to manila, but idk. none of my aunts kids are at home. so there is no way that some one can get in her house. Can they save their ticket or something? international flights are expensive, all this trouble, and now they can't go????
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It is too risky to travel without the proper documents, specially without a GREEN CARD. It is best to take a later flight when you have all your travel documents on-hand.
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she might have to post pone her trip... But if she has to go, then they're must be a way for them to look it up in Manila. Also, have you thought Of mailing her the green card when she's there and using it to come back? Or someone who has access to it can? I'm sure there's a way the Philippine immigration can look her up. Good luck!
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Well I dont have the websites, but yes- she will need to go to the us consolate to get proper travel papers.
4 :
Simply have someone to send her green card via registered mail to her temporary address here in the Philippines before she gets back to the US.
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Options: Option 1: delay the flight. You may have to pay more for the rescheduled ticket. Sometimes you have to pay a new ticket. Option 2: Proceed with the flight. Have the green card sent to your mother's Philippine address by FedEx or UPS. Option 3: Proceed with the flight. Apply for a new green card once in the US Embassy in Manila once your mother is in the Philippines. Say that the old green card was lost. Frankly, I think Option 1 is the best if you can afford it. Option 2 is average, and Option 3 should only be the last resort. Let this be a lesson. Don't forget the green card. Nowadays it's also important even when crossing the border to Canada. Also...Your mother is not a US Citizen yet. US Citizen shows the US Passport. A green card is for permanent resident person only.
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Just take the flight and tell someone in the States to CERTIFIED OR FEDEX her greencard to your address in the Philippines. Express Delivery it or something. Do not use the regular post office.

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