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What is live in(accommodation)

What is live in(accommodation)?
The following ad. appeared in today's newspaper under subheading 'SHARE ACCOMMODATION' on the Rental Accommodation page:- 'ATTRACTIVE female for rural property, companion housekeeper late 40's, live in. Close to beach. Ph. 0987675654' Please explain what this ad. really means. Because I am a newcomer to this country(Australia), I don't really understand their lifestyle.
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live in moving houses
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Basically "Live In" means you will be a boarder living in the house, and paying rent, or you may pay for your keep by doing work around the property, virtually as a servant, or more likely an unpaid slave. That particular advert is actually a man asking for a woman to live with him as his de facto, or common law wife, for sex and drudgery.
3 :
This is an ad for a female to act as a "friend" and housekeeper for the male owner of the property in return for food and accommodation. The fact that he specifies "attractive female" indicates that he may require you to be more than just a "companion". Unless you are desperate, I would not reply. You should also not give personal phone numbers out on this site, even if they did appear in a classified advertisement.

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